Our Huddle

It's about support

Running a salon can be a lonely business.  Competition is high and we don't want to be giving our secrets away to our competitors.  But we all need support sometimes - someone to talk to when things get tough 

It's about helping each other

Help! We're often fire fighting and sometimes we just need someone to help us with a problem and to ask questions

What did you do in this situation?

What should I do?

Get help from other salon owners, that have been there, done it and come out the other side!

It's about inspiring each other to achieve

Hearing from those successful salon owners about how they did it and how they keep it going.   What's their secret?

It's about Growing a successful business

Nobody want to stand still, we need to keep moving and growing. But somethimes it's difficult to see the wood for the trees - where do I start - how do I grow? 

And it's about you

Don't lose yourself in the salon - owning and running a salon is a wonderful career but let's not forget why we're doing it.  

Sometimes we need to reconnect with why we're doing things, our passions and dreams - that will help us grow our salon into an insanely successful business and live a fabulous life. We all need a little inspiration sometimes!


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