We've been there

It's tough out there!

Running a salon is hard work, and don't let anyone tell you differently.   Are so many salon owners really doing as well as their social media accounts say?

Don't let them kid you - over 10 salons close every week. That's a lot. So congratulate yourself on still being here.  

It can be challenging and lonely running business ....So who do you go to for help?  Who do ask those niggly questions like if you're paying your staff the going rate?  

Who lets you know if your website is attracting the right clientete?  Stock control, client retention, reboobking, profit and loss accounts - the list goes on....

We all need a little help sometimes; and that's where our huddle comes in!    

Our story

Tricia has been an Award Winning Beauty Therapist for 27 years, and managed salons for most of this time. Karen's background is in HR, accountancy, corporate management, training, coaching and mentoring.

Together, we've built successful, Award Winning, salons from the ground up - and come across every possible problem in the meantime!  If you're experiencing it we've probably been there too!  And it can be tough.

Over the years, 25 to be exact, we've tried everything, tweeked everything and honed our systems so that now we're able to run salons and (most importantly) enjoy doing so!

It's taken us 25 years to do this - we want you to learn from our mistakes - we want to support other salon owners, inspire them and help them to grow their businesses.

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